Nicolas Lopes

PhD Candidate

My research interests focus on stereotypes and social representations. These interests lie in an in-depth understanding of how social groups are represented in society and how these representations influence individuals. I am also interested in the use of new technologies in my research practices, particularly as regards the integration of innovative methodologies not yet widely used in the humanities and social sciences.

My main research project is my thesis entitled: Stereotypes associated with doctoral graduates in France: identification, consequences and moderators of their effects

My research aims to analyze the nature and prevalence of stereotypes associated with PhDs in France, also examining their consequences in a professional context and the ways in which these effects can be moderated.

My name is Nicolas Lopes and I’m a PhD student in social psychology.
I joined Adoc Talent Management in January 2022 as a research assistant. After graduating, I qualified as a social psychologist and was subsequently hired as a recruitment and research assistant. Since May 2023, I’ve been attached to the interdisciplinary PhD laboratory to carry out my CIFRE thesis in social psychology. My subject? Stereotypes associated with PhDs.

We are currently collaborating with the University of Paris Nanterre, and more specifically with the Laboratoire Parisien de Psychologie Sociale (LAPPS) as part of my CIFRE thesis.