Laboratory of Interdisciplinary studies on the Doctorate

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Founded by Adoc Talent Management in 2021, the LID aims to study the Doctorate through interdisciplinary research

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The Laboratory of Interdisciplinary studies on the Doctorate (LID) intends to contribute to the study of the doctorate through interdisciplinarity research practice. Founded in 2021 as a private research laboratory,  the LID is supported by public funding (e.g. ANR -French National Research Agency) and conducts quantitative and qualitative research. The laboratory encourages its researchers to publish papers with sound research in high-impact journals, disseminate research findings in academic, public and private circles, and undertake international collaborations.

The LID is uniquely positioned to have close connections with stakeholders, both in academia and industry. We develop partnerships with scientific experts and actors involved in doctoral programs. Our researchers collaborate regularly with a specialized team of PhD trainers and recruitment experts within Adoc Talent Management. This allows for the possibility of bringing out research problems that stem from the field and valorising the results.

Researchers in the LID value transparency, research integrity and open science principles. Our researchers undertake research within a research integrity framework that complies with the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity policies. All our studies  adhere to the policies of our research ethics committee. The LID complies with the national and international principles and requirements of open science and research such as the Center for Open Science (COS) core values of scholarship and related practices. 

The LID aims to understand the place of the doctoral degree within its ecosystem and society by anticipating its evolution in terms of training and professional preparation, thus allowing to accompany doctoral students and doctors in the valorization of their competencies and their career development.

Matthieu Lafon, PhD. director of the LID

The Doctorate as a Research Object

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By bringing together different disciplines, the LID, and its partners will shed new light on the various dimensions of the doctorate. The aim is to study what the doctorate is today, regarding training and professional experience, and what it may be in the future. It is also about understanding and measuring its personal and societal impacts.